5 things I learned in 2015

2015 has been a very interesting year for me and I would like to share some of the most import things I learned.

1 – It’s okay to help someone else reach their dreams but don’t give up your dreams in the process

After being out of work for over 14 months, I took a great job with one of my consulting clients. Not wanting to be out of work again, I threw all my time and effort at making the company I am working for successful. With 70+ hour work weeks and even one long stretch of 54 days at work in a row, I realized that I had put all of my dreams on hold. This included not writing, not working out, not seeing my family and other things that only few months before, were extremely important to me.

The point I want to share with you is, it is fine to help someone else reach their dreams but if you totally stop chasing your dreams, it is hard to get them back to where they were. You can work for someone else and still chase your dreams as long as realize that working for someone else is a way to help your reach your dreams too.

I am still working at least 50 hours a week but I am starting to find my center again and doing things that I enjoy doing most, like writing for my readers.

2 – Don’t stop writing

This is one of three blog posts that I have written over the last eight months and I am struggling to get the words out without spending a lot of time on each and every word. When I was writing many words each day, I could sit down and knock out a few hundred words in a matter of minutes but not using those writing muscles, like real muscles, makes them atrophy and weak. Each day, write something, even if it’s only a few words, otherwise it’s hard to get back into the writing groove.

3 – Social Media is important to keeping your blog alive when you aren’t writing

Even though I haven’t been writing, I do share my older posts to Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  I don’t share them as often as I should but when I do, there are people who still read them and sometimes share them with others. If you share other peoples work, they will notice it. I didn’t spend a great deal of time on Twitter but I did go from zero to almost 1000 followers since October 2014. I know that 1000 followers isn’t a huge number but it was done while spending no more than 20 minutes a week on Twitter.

4 – You can learn a lot from Tony Robbins

A very close friend of mine gave me ticket to see Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event and it was life changing to say the least. If you are skeptical, I dare to go walk on hot coals and tell me that you aren’t better because of it. If you are stuck in a place that you don’t want to be in, it’s because you are in the wrong state of mind. This event took me way out of my comfort zone and even though it was July when I went, I still feel the benefits today. One of the reasons I am writing this post is because I believe that what I write can still help others, no matter what the naysayers say. Look for an upcoming series of posts on what I learned from Tony.

5 – Your past does not define your future

If you would have talked to me only nine months ago, you would have said, who is this loser.  I was out of work, couldn’t find a job, drowning in self pity and the most negative person you could find. That was me but now, things and I have changed for the better. New job, helping others, confident and positive that the future will be better than the past is the total opposite of how I was not too long ago.

No matter what you have failed at in the past, you can find success in the future as long as you don’t let your past define you.

Happy New Year!!!

I hope that some of the things I learned in 2015 can help many of you in the coming year and I want to wish all of you an outstanding 2016 and a healthy, happy new year filled with abundance.

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