Are you frustrated, disgusted and tired?

Do you use the words frustrated, disgusted and tired often when you want to write? Do you feel that what you are doing isn’t making a difference? Do you feel that you are taking no steps forward and many steps backward? Have you lost your drive?  If you feel this way, you and I are in the same boat going down the stream to nowhere.

Where did we go wrong?

I don’t know what happened but over the last three months it seems that my desire to write has taken a downward spiral. I am not sure what caused it but after 15 years of writing I have hit my biggest slump. It’s not that I haven’t had any new ideas or things to write about but for some reason, the keyboard hasn’t been my friend lately.

For some reason, starting the new year with great plans to share my best ideas never came to light. Whenever I sat down to write, my mind and my fingers became disconnected and the words stopped flowing. It was as if someone took all my words and put them in a high speed food mixer. Maybe is was too many outside influences, too many goals or a case of the blahs but not matter what the cause, I had to find a way to break out of this slump.

How do we fix it?

After searching for answers, doing mediation, working on other projects not related to writing and hoping that it would fix itself, I believe that I found the answer. Just write. Just write is answer to the breaking the downward spiral. It doesn’t have to be “change to world” writing but just writing something, like this small post, seems to be bringing back my desire to write again.

If you are stuck, just write and publish something and see where it takes you.



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