Top 5 Must Read Blog Posts / Articles of the week – 12/10/14

Top 5 Must Read Blog Posts / Articles of the week - 12/10/14This week, I want to share five articles that I found related to:

  • Using Twitter to your advantage
  • Being more successful at business
  • Google and the mobile web
  • Create your 2015 content marketing calendar today
  • Normal people don’t change the world

Top 5 Must Read Articles / Blog Posts of the week – 12/10/14

  1. The Twitter Strategy Guide: 14 Twitter Tips to Take Your Tweeting to the Next Level by Kevan Lee
    In this article, Kevan Lee from the blog at goes into great detail on how to use twitter with 14 great tips that will take you to the next level. I really like tip #4 about creating your own Twitter home page and tip #12 about using favorites more effectively.
  2. What every business owner needs to know about Dabbling  by Jim Connolly
    This week, Jim has another great article about dabbling in business and why you shouldn’t be. This article really strikes a cord with me because I was the type of person that he is talking about. It is too easy to blame everything else for your success or failure in business.  Don’t dabble!
  3. What Google Has In Store For The Mobile Web  by Matt Asay via
    This week, we have another article from Jonathan Gebauer where he shares 22 quotes that will make you better at marketing. He takes quotes from many great people, some past and some present, and offers his own insight on each of them. Quote #9 is one of my favorites.
  4. How To Create Your Annual Content Marketing Calendar For The Next Year by David Risley
    Even thought we still have 21 days before 2015 gets here, David shares some excellent advice on how to create your content marketing calendar for next year.
  5. On Gluttony, Selfishness, and Unleashing the Power Within by Jon Morrow
    Jon Morrow is someone that I have been following for a long time and even though most of his articles tell us how to be better blogging, this article tells us we should be better people. I know that all of us give and share with others but Jon gives us a good refresher on why we should give others ourselves.

There is a lot of great stuff to read this week and the above are only a sample of all the great information that found over the last seven days. If you would like to talk about these articles or anything else, please leave a comment below.

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