Don’t give up, someone needs you

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I have been fighting a mental battle for a few weeks now.  The battle is about shutting down this blog.

Many things are going through my mind because of some other issues in my life and I asked myself, if no one is reading this blog, why should I continue to write posts for it.  The number of readers that I am seeing here is very low, interaction with others is almost zero and these are some compelling reasons for me to end this blog.

Then I thought about it and came to the conclusion, if I do shut it down, there is a chance that one person might be having the same issues that I am having.  What if someone searches for something related to what I post and they give up just before everything starts working out for them.

What if one of my blog posts gives just one person the reason to keep moving forward.  This one person could have so much to share and could help so many others but they might give up because they didn’t find this blog.

I have told others that I blog to help others. Even if I only help one person with my blog, I always felt that I was doing something useful.  Because of that feeling, I am going to give this blog another chance.

If I am helping only one or two readers, I am still helping someone.  I hope that the traffic I am seeing isn’t from search engine bots but if someone finds something useful here and it helps them, even in a small way, what I type here is worth it.

So here are some plans that I have for the future of this blog.

Moving forward, I am going to get more personal with you.  I have many things going on in my life that I am currently unhappy about and I know that others have the same or worse problems.

All I ask from you is to let me know if I am helping you in some small way.

Thanks for reading.

7 Responses to Don’t give up, someone needs you

  1. Aw, this was touching. I struggle with the same thing (am I actually reaching anybody? does anyone really care?) and it’s nice to see that someone else is in the same boat.

    I feel like folks on the internet and in social media tend to highlight only the positives in their lives and it creates this false standard that us regular people look at and go, “well crap, how am I supposed to live up to that?” So it’s…realistic and grounding and refreshing when people pull back the curtain a bit and show their true selves. I think your plan of sharing more of your personal life is a great one. I wish you luck.

    Found you on r/blogexchange, so I’ll probably head back and comment there as well. Cheers!

  2. hello, my friend just pointed me to your site. after five minutes of perusing, i book marked it straight away. thanks for providing thoughtful reasons of why to not give up, or rather- to quit.

  3. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that this post was helpful. You are certainly one of the reasons that I didn’t give up.

  4. Thanks Elizabeth!

    I am grateful that you shared with me that you have struggled with the same things.

  5. Found your blog through the reddit blog exchange. Keep at it, you never know when you might write the next big thing. In the mean time, as you say, you can only see the number of people who are reading, not the value of the experience to them!

  6. Thanks Barry!

    You make great point. My main goal of this blog is to just help someone who might need it. Hopefully, this post will keep some others from giving up.

  7. “Even if I only help one person with my blog, I always felt that I was doing something useful.”

    Boom. That right there is the very reason to continue, mate. I’ve had similar thoughts several times in the last 7 years around my blog, as i’ve moved from a marketing blog to a more personal approach. And as I think about moving on and doing something else, I remember the emails or the comments that say, “This post came at exactly the right time for me.”

    We may never know whose life we helped; but the fact we can is all the validation we need. Good stuff, Doug, cheers,

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