Write the way you talk

How do you talk to your friends and family?  Do you say what you feel at the moment or do you search for words that make you sound smarter than them?

Impress me as a good friend would

One of the biggest issues that I see, when I read many blogs, is most writers are trying to impress us with their knowledge by using words that make them come across as experts. What I have found is many of my friends, who are experts in their field, talk and share their knowledge as thoughtful people who want to help. They do not use words to make me feel inferior or dumb, instead they genuinely want to help me understand what they are sharing with me.

The problem is we often put experts on a pedestal and we never get to build a trusting relationship with them because we feel that we are not on their level. They make us feel that we have nothing useful to talk about with them so we never engage them in the first place. I don’t think they do this on purpose but I have a feeling that they would talk much differently than the way they type.

Put the real you in your articles

I am not saying that you should write articles or blog posts with poor grammar or slang but I do suggest that you write a little less formally. My point is, if you put a little more of the real you in your written words people will relate to you and feel comfortable that what you are sharing with them is genuine.

These two know how to do it

If you would like to see two examples of experts who write like they talk take a look at the following blogs:

If you listen to them in a podcast or interview, you can immediately tell that they talk like they write. These are two very successful people, that I have never met or talked to in person but I feel that I know them as if we were old friends. If they suggest a product or a service, I am much more likely to buy it based on their recommendation the same way I would take a recommendation from a friend.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below because I would like to hear your opinion.

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