Is your writing stuck? Go exercise!

Have you had those days when you planned on getting a lot of writing done but as soon as you started, it wouldn’t flow?

Someone turned off my brain

Today was one of those days.  I woke up with the intention of spending most of my day writing but once I put my fingers to the keyboard, nothing happened.  It felt as if someone turned the writing part of my brain off.

Even though I did type some words, they didn’t flow and I really struggled to type anything worthwhile.  After spending too many hours struggling, I set down the laptop and so that I could go workout.  I spent about 35 minutes working out and when I came back to my laptop, my mind was in a different place.  Not only a different place but a much better place.

My mind was reconnected to my fingers

Suddenly, my mind was connected to my fingers again and I started typing out this blog post about how exercise can get your writing unstuck.  Of course, this isn’t any type of scientific experiment but exercising, over the last 35 years, has always cleared my head and today it worked again.

If you find yourself in a writing funk, go exercise.  I don’t think you need to do a three hour marathon workout but spend 15 to 60 minutes, get the blood flowing and put your mind into your workout.  I have a feeling that you will experience what I did and your fingers will be talking again in no time.

Please leave a comment below because I would like to hear if you have experienced the same benefits of exercise on your writing.

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