Top 5 Must Read Articles / Blog posts of the week – 11/26/14

Top 5 Must Read Articles / Blog posts of the week - 11/26/14

Welcome to my new weekly series of blog posts that showcase the top 5 Must Reads articles or blog posts that I have read and shared with others on Social Media.  These are what I consider must reads for business owners, social media marketers, search engine marketers, bloggers, freelance writers and anyone trying to find success in the online world.

The plan is to publish this list each Wednesday so be sure to check back for the Top 5 Must Reads of the week.

Top 5 Must Read Articles / Blog Posts of the week – 11/26/14

  1. 7 Tips on How to Create Content for the Social Webby Jeff Bullas
    Even though Jeff’s post is from 2013, it contains a very simple set of rules that anyone can easily follow when writing content for your blog or social media platforms. Points 1 and 2 are very important and these two areas are what I often struggle with when writing blog posts.
  2. A powerful business lesson from an absolute genius!    by Jim Connolly
    Jim always has something useful to share! This post in particular talks about, if you aren’t willing to work hard and promote the great work you do, don’t expect your business to be successful. Don’t dabble, instead, be like Andy Worhol and Hustle to promote your hard work or you will never find the success you deserve.
  3. Google is heading in the wrong direction – I decided not to follow by Jonathan Gebauer
    Are you putting all your eggs in the basket? Jonathan explains how putting your business eggs in Google’s SEO basket and not fully embracing social media could be disastrous for your business. If you only are relying on Google to bring customers to your business or blog, you might want to think twice.
  4. Three Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies by Al Smith
    Al explains how proven offline marketing strategies that worked in the past are still working well in the online marketing world of today. Using squeeze pages and targeted marketing can help your customers find exactly what you have to offer and Al outlines how to do it.
  5. Tip: The Secret To How Buffer Creates So Much Awesome Content by Jason Keath
    Do you follow the Buffer blog? The people at buffer write some amazing posts and articles and Jason shares their workflow that all of us can follow and learn from. The tips are simple and require some hard work but Buffer’s success at writing posts that go viral is proof that this workflow works.

I hope that you have found something useful in my Top 5 list for this week and please share this post and also leave a comment if you would like to discuss any of the articles above.

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