Don’t let that brick wall stop you

Brick Wall

Photo By: Phil Parker

Have you hit any brick walls lately?  Do you feel like your life is pressed up against a brick wall that looks a thousand feet tall and six miles wide?

I have been there.  That wall made me want to turn around, run the other way and never look back.  It seemed that there was no one to run to, no place to hide and that everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Look for a rope and climb that wall

What I found during my worst times, when my life seemed to be at its darkest moment, there are good things in my life that were overshadowed by that wall.  My mind was telling me that all was lost and that I should give up.  Then I realized that I do have things in my life that are not only good but great.

Some of these great things are:

  • Being married for 25 years, which was a huge accomplishment in itself
  • Having a son who is successful, hard-working and one of my best friends
  • Parents who always believe in me
  • Friends who genuinely care about me and are there for me
  • A roof over my head
  • Food to eat

This list above is only a small part but these are the things in my life that I call my rope.  These are the reasons that I can climb over the wall that is currently in front of me.

You can climb that wall too

All isn’t lost, life isn’t over and you can find a way over that wall if you stop focusing on the bad and start looking at the good in your life.  You are in control and even though it is easy to blame things such as the economy, nature or bad luck only you can work to get over that wall.

If something is important to you, you will figure out a way to do it and knowing that you do have good things in your life will certainly help as long as you recognize them.

Take what is good in your life right now, hold it close to your heart and start climbing that wall so I can meet you when we reach the other side.

Go walk it off

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